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Axiom Discs feature vibrant colors of the GYRO™ Overmold Technology from MVP Disc Sports. Our discs are produced with high precision molding equipment that allow us to overmold a continuous, seamless golf disc.

The two-tone effects in Axiom discs complement each other in ways that are not possible in conventional golf discs. In addition, the brighter colored rims will be able to enhance the visual effects of the central core, whether it be the Optic™ Effect in the Proton™ Series or the Neon™ Effect in the Neutron™ Series.

The redistribution of weight is a valuable commodity of GYRO™ Overmold Technology. Weight is distributed to the outermost edge of the disc, thereby increasing the moment of inertia to the greatest extent possible. This increases angular momentum so that the disc better maintains its orientation of flight.

There are many advantages of flight with the extended GYRO™ Push. The GYRO™ Push allows for a more controlled turnover phase in understable discs, as well as a more consistent, controlled fade in overstable discs. All of our discs feature the signature GYRO™ induced forward penetrating fade. The increased GYRO™ Push allows our discs to maintain their intended flight for a longer period of their lifetime. These all combined will allow Axiom throwers to achieve greater predictability and accuracy on the course.

Since Axiom discs feature GYRO™ Overmold Technology, they will exude the high standards of quality, performance, and consistency synonymous with the MVP Disc Sports lineup, but with a touch of style.

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